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where's the relief?

I hate to sound like I'm just whining,but whatever happened to "people helping people "?

Some people end up in bad situations by accident,or circumstances unforseen.For me it was the latter.

I had a job,made pretty good money,then lost it all.Now,I have no reliable transportation,no job,not much food,no nothing.I have four minor children (ages 6-17) living at home,who mean the world to me,one who is a special needs child,and I really feel like a lousy father,and that I've really let them down.

I've tried FIA,the only thing they seem to do is make excuses for not helping.And put the blame on me.

Unemployment plays games,because they feel that my vehicle breaking down I had control over,though I don't see how.

SSI gave money to my son,when I was making good money,then when I made less money they cut him off because I made too much money.That doesn't make sense.But now they won't give him any.

The bottom line is that I am able and willing to go back to work,but I don't have the means,and can't get any help to do that.I've put my resume online in various places,but the only thing I get is offers for over-the-road,which I can't do.

Now,I'm really fearful of what Christmas will bring.

Can anybody help,ormaybe point me in a direction that will help?

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I am a family man,devouted father&husband,I have 5 children at home,one special needs child,wanting to get back to work to take care of my family.
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